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On this 5S foundation, TPM erects eight pillars that encourage proactive and preventative measures that improve equipment performance and reliability. pillars. Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly and routinely performed on physical assets to reduce the chances of. We focus on the three main aspects of TPM, which are autonomous, preventative, and early equipment maintenance. During the lesson we'll review an example of TPM.

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Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) is a production management approach that places the responsibility for routine maintenance on the workers who operate the. What are the 8 Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance? · 1. Focused Improvement · 2. Autonomy · 3. Quality Maintenance · 4. Planned Maintenance · 5. Early Equipment. Preventive maintenance (PM) is the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running and prevent any costly unplanned.

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For example, if you have a line that runs 60 hours, and it takes three hours to complete the weekly preventive maintenance, then the equipment is available for. TPM is a system that uses a mixture of. Operator Asset Care (OAC) and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) to keep machines and equipment performing to their. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production.