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Turnstile access control is often used in factories, warehouses, stadiums, amusement parks, universities, public transport stations, retail sites and casinos. A. Turnstiles, Automatic Doors and Access Control Systems for. any context, Business, Urban. any context▾. any context; Business; Urban. Access Control & Turnstile Systems - we supply and install turnstile systems and access control systems intergrating the latest technology.

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Turnstile MPP gate, ideal for premises with many visitors: Secure access-control for swimming pools, stadiums and public toilets → Get more information. Turnstiles access control. Access turnstiles for pedestrian access control. Customized winches, gates, windlasses and tripod winches at the best price. Speedlane and turnstile access control systems, for efficient, controlled access, and increased security. A range of customisable solutions available.

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Avon TurnSec Turnstiles are designed for securing pedestrian entrance ways; regulating the flow of authorised pedestrians and denying unauthorised access. Meesons Turnstiles & Speed Gates are developed to balance design vision with and access gates provide an unrivalled breadth of turnstile solutions. PERCo – Russian leading manufacturer of the turnstiles, access control systems, security gates, railing systems, electronic locks and other security.