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Ethiopia Photography Expedition. A photography expedition to Ethiopia is like no other. Ethiopia provides an exciting and rare chance for photographers to. This is not a street photography trip - The Tour is a unique opportunity to explore the Lower Omo Valley with expert guidance and photographic instruction. We. This Photo Tour will allow you the opportunity to capture the exceptional 'Vanishing Tribes of Africa' with an ORYX Ethiopian specialist photo leader.

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Simply put, Ethiopia is the best country in Africa for bird photography, and possibly the best country on earth for taking photos of birds. Ethiopian culture. Photo tours can be done at any time of the day in Ethiopia but you will need good lighting and good equipment in order for you to capture some of the best. This photo trip to Ethiopia has given us masses of experiences that we didn't consider ourselves capable of. Thanks to an excellent travel program developed.

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Travel to remote reagions on the Omo Valley photography Tour with photographer Kevin Dooley. Visit and photograph these amazing people. Join us on this Ultimate Bird Photography Tour of Ethiopia! This tour was designed for you to not only visit the very best birding locations in Ethiopia. All in all, Ethiopia's heady mix of scenery, wildlife and culture make this an African photo safari destination like no other, and we guarantee a.