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Who can make an NHS claim? · Every person treated by the NHS has rights. · If you've suffered any form of negligence from a hospital, GP or NHS professional in. Understandably, many people are hesitant when it comes to making a claim against the NHS. However, if your dentist has been negligent and you want to seek. You can make a clinical negligence claim about both NHS and private treatment. Clinical negligence is also called 'medical negligence'.

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We may also liaise with any other medical defence organisation involved or NHS Resolution if the claimant was also treated in an NHS hospital. Sue the NHS on someone else's behalf In some cases of NHS negligence, the injured person can't make a compensation claim either because they are a child; or. Suing the NHS for negligence: if you have sustained injury as a result of negligent clinical/medical treatment by the NHS we can help you claim compensation.

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Anyone who believes they have been harmed as a result of negligent behaviour by a healthcare professional, medical treatment or misdiagnosis may be entitled to. Is it possible to sue the NHS for negligence? The simple answer is yes. A lot of people are put off making claims against the NHS as they think it might be. If you have experienced poor quality care while receiving medical treatment from the NHS that resulted in injury or harm, or made your condition worse, you may.